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About Us

We opened our doors in August 2013 with the aim of bringing lesser-known regional Italian cuisine to Fulham – food and drink from Puglia and the wider region of Salento. Since then we have had the opportunity to showcase all the wonderful food we grew up with.

It’s a family business founded by three brothers: Rocco, Gianluca and Ivan D’Aversa who are supported by an amazing team who love Italian food and drink culture in their own right.

Today we have started a new chapter in the journey as we take traditional recipes and add some modern touches to them. One thing remains the same, the ingredients are of the highest quality and our passion for hospitality is undimmed.

Our Food

Traditionally, Puglian cuisine has been labelled cucina povera or poor cuisine. This is based on the idea that the region is less verdant and thus has fewer obvious global dishes. Whilst this is partly true, in fact, the label is derived from the fact that very little of the land’s bounty is wasted. Wild broccoli, asparagus, lesser cuts of meat are all used with astonishing results.

Meet Our Team

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